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LBMusic Bio:

Early Life

LB was born and raised in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY. The baby of (3) three children born to his Mom, LB spent a lot of time concerning himself with many of the issues his family faced after his mom and dad separated when he was still very young. LB developed misbehaving tendencies, and was quickly labeled as a "problem child". A social worker that was designated to counsel LB, along with his mom encouraged him to put his feelings in writing. LB initially began keeping a daily journal, and quickly became accustomed to putting his feelings of frustration, anger, and despair on paper. LB spent most of his spare time with his older brother, observing him record and perform at many NYC showcases. This inspired LB to create a style of his own.

Although LB desired to become a great hip-hop artist, he also had a desire to become a pro basketball player. He was strongly influenced by Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson and LeBron James. He played basketball for (4) four years while attending high school and also played a role in winning the 2010 PSAL Class A Championship. He planned on playing in college, but his love for music began to play a much bigger role in his life.


LB realizing his amazing talent, decided to follow the footsteps of other great Brooklyn hip-hop artists like "Big Daddy Kane", "the Notorious B.I.G" and his favorite, "Jay-Z", to name a few.
Although LB had a desire to pursue his ambition to become a hip-hop artist, he had the misconception that in order to do so, it was necessary to experiment living the street life. LB surrounded himself with unsavory individuals while attempting to build his image as a rapper. It did not take him long to realize that he did not want to pursue that life and focused on completing school. LB remembers and values his mom's encouragement for him to make every effort to do well in school, telling him he can do whatever he desired in life with a quality education.
LB is thankful for another chance to pursue his first love to make music. He feels his only regret in life is waiting this long to identify his real talent. LB acknowledges that the negativity he endured, as well as the positive encouragement from his family has assisted with defining who he is. LB often says he would not change anything in his life because he feels that all of his experiences have made him the man he is today.

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We All Have Those Moments When We Hear A New Emcee Spit Over A Legendary Beat And Think To Our Self WTF! Well This Is Not One Of Those Moments... Brooklyn Rookie "LB" Delivers "That Work" Over This Classic B.I.G Joint!