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Hey everybody I'm NEWGOON,
I'm 21 years old. I'm from Springfield Missouri, heart of the Midwest so to speak. I've been in the studio to do some recording but seems to be goin great. Been working really hard to push and promote my music! This is my first album to drop FEB 24 2012! You can get the "MIDWEST BOYZ" By NEWGOON on CD Baby, Itunes, Amazon and more! A HEAD OF OUR TIME on W Sunshine and Fort across from Braums is selling some of my albums too! Shout out to Inner State Productions Dirty D the producer!! I couldn't be making great music without an awesome producer! I'm trying to make it happen so just keep updated on my new stuff and I promise some great music for my supporters and fans. Also I've been doin shows around my state of Missouri! Inner State Productions. So stay updated!!! Thanks Everybody!! ONE LUV NEWGOON!!! Updated 5/28/12!

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