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DJ CID615 Bio:

DJ CID at the age of six months began having hearing problems and had his first ear surgery, at the age of 12 he had his last ear surgery bringing the total surgeries to 13 and was forced to have his Tone Bone removed from behind both ears to rid the infection that had plagued him since he was a baby leaving the Young man tone deaf. He refused to let go of music as one of his major loves in life and continued to sing as he had since the age of five and toured after his surgery to prove that he could still perform. Years later DJ CID and a few friends began listening to Techno, Trance, and House music and fell in love with the Electronica 1997 DJ CID and a few friends wrote a few songs together setting the young DJ on fire and compelling him to write even more music that would make him want to get on the dance floor. His main supporter Robert his brother later died setting the DJ into a depressive state and he quit writing until he found a CD that he and his brother had written together years before. This set the DJ now at the age of 40 back on fire and reminded him of what his brother always wanted him to of the last conversations between the two brothers when DJ CID's brother said as the last words of that conversation "Music is life don't give it up" Remembering that conversation and holding it in his heart to be true, despite his tone deafness and loss of his best friend in life. DJ CID is back with a life long purpose.

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