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Kooshal Dwarka

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Kooshal Dwarka
Kooshal Dwarka Bio:

Kooshal Dwarka is a young Music Producer/ Composer/ Recording Engineer. Holding a Diploma in Recording Engineering and Music Production from Audio Institute of America, Kooshal's production skills have taken a new direction to meet international standards for the mass audience.

Being primarily a rock artist, Kooshal started blending the Tabla in his music in 2007, in his first song "Mama's Gone Away", for which Jean-René Bastien had done the Musical Arrangement. The song was presented for the "Reve de Star 2007" competition with Kooshal's Band:
- Drums: Dario Ramdeal
- Lead Guitar: Stevenson Lilylave
- Bass Guitar: David Bozelle
- Keyboards: Andy Banan
- Tabla: Danny Aukhaj
- Vocals/Guitar: Kooshal Dwarka

In 2008, Kooshal produced a first commercial project, with singer Doushan Seetohul, a fusion of Bollywood and Rock Music. Later in October, he produced a Single "Fly by Side" for Giovanni Ng and friends. He used African percussion, blended with Rock and Lounge Music, which was pretty well appreciated by fans.

In 2009, Kooshal produced an Acoustic/Roots album "From My Soul to Your Speakers" for singer/songwriter Daniel Caliste, which was the first real international project.

In 2010, he started with the production of a Sega/Rock fusion album for Yogen Chinien (Son of Late Siven Chinien and brother of Nitin Chinien). Later in the same year, Kooshal produced an Ethnic album for singer Mrs. M.D. Cheenaramen, which consisted of a fusion of Carnatic melodies and scales supported by Electronic sounds.

In 2011, he produced 2 intrumentals: "Crossroad Rush" and "Pictures of Giza" for a fashion collection for young fashion designer friends Adil and Taslimah.

After the production of "Crossroad Rush" and "Pictures of Giza", which were very much appreciated by fans, Kooshal decided to produce his 1st own album "Spicy Experience - Episode 1", helped by Danny Aukhaj, a fantastic young tabla player, and Rajez Marday, the "Veena Virtuoso" of Mauritius. The album is a musical experience with fusion of Rock/ Electronic/ Trance/ Lounge/ Carnatic/ Pop/ Indian Folk and Orchestra.

Being a perfectionist and knowing no boundaries, Kooshal Dwarka is looking forward to produce dance shows in the very near future...