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Stay Lucky

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Stay Lucky
Stay Lucky Bio:

Stay Lucky's current line-up (all two of them) is currently based out of Mitchell/Sioux Falls. The two have been playing music together since they were in middle school and have been a part of various musical ventures throughout the years. Finally, after 8 years, 4 band changes, 7 name changes, countless line-up changes and just tired of waiting.... they said, "F*ck it, we'll do it ourselves!". The duo was formed with the goal to create music with real substance, and energy fed by the different dynamics of each song. While each song may not have a bass guitar , multiple guitars, keyboards or accordions, what they do have are artful lyrics that can stand on their own, on top of solid driving rhythms and vocal melodies. For better or worse (and believing that less can actually be more) each song is left open, exposed, and presented as exactly what it is, no less, no more. (Stay Lucky will now switch out of the 3rd person narrative to say, "We are just trying to keep the dream alive and do this thing that we really love for as long as we can. Thanks for taking the time to check us out! Hope you enjoy.")

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