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Original Instrumentals

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Original Instrumentals
Original Instrumentals Bio:

My beats are original, no samples.
Only beats that are titled 'Samples- 102 'etc. have samples in them.
Non Exclusives here
No voice tags will be in my beats when downloaded..
Contact me for a copy of your beat contract and track outs in wave or 320kbps mp3 file. $10 fee for the track outs to beats less than $30.

Check out my lastest beats here:
ree services when you purchase beats from me are:
Free Track Outs [exclusives $30 & up]
Free Mastering on your song recordings with my beats
Help promoting your recordings.

Here are direct links to my beats for Exclusive Sale.

R&B Beats -

Rap / Alternative Beats -

House / Dance Beats -

Get Involved in a new site geared toward bridging the gap between artist and producers.
Constant upgrades. Free Beats and info.


Upload your songs.
- Offer as free download
- Offer for sale
- Adjustable preview lenght
- Upload up to 200 Songs


Free producers accounts:

20 Beat slots.
Monthly 85% Pay out.


$7 / Month 100 Beat Slots. %100 Monthly Payout

$20 per month. unlimited beat slots.
100% monthly payout.
Free promotion.
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Instrumentals for your projects. Im a producer of mutiple genres. Full catalog