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b r e n d a

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b r e n d a
b r e n d a Bio:

5 POW's were left in the evil hands of a dark, ruthless queen called brenda, she forced these captives to perform for her, demanding music of the highest quality. After 3 long years the men finally escaped from her twisted grasp to resume their normal lives in England. Or so they thought..... Brenda managed to track them down and aggressively coaxed them back into writing for her, this time, there is no escape.

U can help these poor individuals by listening and buying any brenda material u can find, the more u spend, the longer they shall live :)

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Our first recorded track, an emotional rock song with a live feel.

If you enjoy this track u will very much enjoy our new E.P, adding the finishing touches, sounding rather good, should be ready by Jan 05.

Check the brenda website for details.