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AVEEON BEATS. The name (AVEEON) is a derivative of Aviation. So, fly with him to higher heights.. AVEEON has been surrounded by music since a young youth growing up in Jamaica/Hollis Queens, New York streets. He was taught as a child how to play the organ. HipHop was the most popular genre of music of his generations. As a little boy AVEEON developed a talent for poetry while singing in his Elementary school chorus. He then went on later to become an Rap artist by age 13. Where he recorded his first demo at the Hit Factory, a well known studio in N.Y.C.
AVEEON then started performing in talent shows. Leading up to where he has performed on the same stage as Jay-Z and King Just at Club Demerara's in 1996. Also, AVEEON has performed with Louie Ranking and Channel Live at The China Club in N.Y.C. , as well as at many other venues. AVEEON has had plenty of exposure on the Underground Radio Station W.B.A.U 90.3 FM at Adelphi University . He kept on working hard on his projects and while making demos AVEEON developed an interest for making beats. Then his producer Omas Keith (member of SA-RA Creative Partners) taught him how to use an MPC 60 Roger Lynn Version it took a little while to get the hang of it , due to the love of rapping.
In 1997 he was finally given the opportunity to appear on a Rap album of Raw Breeds (album titled BLOOD,SWEAT, AND TEARS) that was signed to WARNER BROTHERS RECORDS. Yet still was not discovered back then, now today is a new day. Many years has past and AVEEON is more focused, mature, and ready for the task it takes to be a great Artist/Producer. Determined AVEEON had purchased an ASR X early 1999 and would stay up plenty nights trying to figure out how to operate that beat machine. He would also, save his money to buy old records and used studio equipment. Even though there was times AVEEON was not able to get the beat to sound the way he wanted AVEEON still worked hard and never gave up. Once AVEEON finally figured out how to make it all come together, he bought a 8 -TRACK TASCAM RECORDER and started making songs out of his beats. This was always one of his passions,and then to find local talent in the local area and invite them over to record. By 2002 AVEEON acquired a lot more studio equipment (new beat machine,speakers, keyboards, microphones,new computers, speakers,keyboards,microphones,and many other small gadgets.
AVEEON would not again go to bed and literally stay up all night making music. AVEEON has been influenced by the music of RZA, DR. DRE,JUST BLAZE, LARGE PROFESSOR, AND MARLY MARL. So, here AVEEON is today older and much wiser much more educated at making quality music. When your looking for that new quality music production just think about flying to higher heights with the productions by AVEEON BEATS , where sound takes flight.