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Money Staxxx

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Money Staxxx
Money Staxxx Bio:

Solo rap artist and member of Bankstop Entertainment, Money Staxxx is a musical innovator with a talent for meaningful lyrics and a voice for the people. As the son of pioneering Beastie Boys’ DJ Hurricane, the young artist has a true appreciation for the origin of hip hop and rhythm. Staxxx sites Run DMC, Kool G Rap and Rakim as influences. “Where would hip hop be if it wasn’t for old school?” says Staxxx. Although credit is given where credit is due Staxxx says, “I like to be myself when it comes to music. I like to stay inside my own lane.”

Much like Lil Wayne is praised for being able to do, the 26-year-old creates a lyrical story in his head rather than jotting down all the rhymes he can image. “Music is inside of my head at all hours of the day,” says Staxxx, “My inspiration and influence come from my environment more than the music I listen to because I’m more inspired by the struggle.”

Growing up on the Southside of Jamaica Queens Staxxx found solace in rhyming with his friends-turned-members of Bankstop Boyz. “Music is both an outlet for stress, but also something that comes when I’m feeling good. Whether I’m happy or sad, I’m getting all my feelings out rather than keeping them in and building them up,” says Staxxx, “That's something I had an issue with when I was younger.”

Since the inception of his career pursuit in 2002, Staxx has had the opportunity to rub elbows with some stand-out stars in the urban music business. From Slim of 112, to M.O.N.E, and Frenchie of Brick Squad, he’s also worked with industry producer Shateek – credited with creating beats for the likes of DMX and Cassidy. Today, Staxxx works hand-in-hand with his own producer, Fross, to create an instrumental backdrop to his words.

Staxxx’ MAKE WAY mix tape is his first release. The mix tape includes 12 freestyle tracks over beats like Drake’s “Miss Me,” Rick Ross’ “9 Piece” and Ace Hood’s “Hustle Hard.” The beats are well-know, but the lyrics are all original, giving the listener a feel for Staxxx’ sound and flow. Staxxx’ 100% original material album is a work in progress, meant to give the listener a true picture of the creativity inside the mind of Money Staxxx.

The New York native is featured on a number of mixtapes and searchable on YouTube with a variety of original and sampled tracks.

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