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E-Kay Bio:

Rising Icon E-Kay is one of the most unique artists to come from the South. With music influenced by many forms of music, this new and fresh sound for the club and radio is that of a DJ's dreams. Young and eager, this artist continues to stand apart in hip hop as the future of an evolving sound. This artist’s grind and determination for greatness is starting to make itself known in near cities. E-Kay has performed at countless showcases in Atlanta in the midst of many labels and various audiences. Accomplishments that E-Kay has had in a short time include being invited to perform at the Dub Car Show tour, invite to perform at benefit concerts, and numerous victories at various open mics. The key element that sets his music apart from anybody out is his universal and commercial sound and style for all ears. With his catchy production and witty lyrics, any heat delivered from this growing artist is guaranteed to go BIG. He brings to the table a hip hop/pop like presence far different from the familiar style of music known from the south. His melodic and contagious hooks have quickly gained the popularity of a wide variety of audience that all have related to. This multi-talented musician and artist is the next up and coming dominant force in great music. Coming to the world is a new Brand, new Sound, and a new Takeover. As this young entertainer prepares himself on the stage and studio, the clock counts down as to when things will take off on the journey of greatness.

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