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Brooklyn has brought the world talent and greatness. Sighting Jay-Z, Eddie Murphy, Lena Horne, Barbra Streisand and Spike Lee as hometown heroes, artist/songwriter/producer J-EyE is planning to earn his spot in their mentions. J-EyE has been crafting an eclectic sound aiming to break down genre barriers. His soulful yet ambitious blend of musical styles is humbly reminiscent of the late great Ray Charles. “I refuse to be categorized into one specific genre,” J-EyE says, “I’m inspired by emotions and the music that comes from those emotions are meant to inspire others. Today it may be R&B or Hip Hop, tomorrow Rock or Country. It’s Music.” It hasn’t been easy for this future Brooklyn star, but true success comes to those who help themselves and this young talent is showing just how dedicated to himself, his music and his career he truly is. Leading #TeamBelieve, J-EyE’s buzz is a culmination of his personal perseverance.

Timing and persistence created the opportunity for J-EyE to work with super-producers Timbaland and DanjaHandz in Miami’s Hit Factory Studios, where he spent several weeks writing and recording. During that time J-EyE rubbed shoulders with entertainment heavyweights such as Missy Elliot, Jennifer Lopez, Scott Storch, Baby and Mannie Fresh. Both humbled and encouraged by their diligent work ethic and creativity, J-EyE returned to his hometown of Brooklyn with the utmost determination to make his own mark.

J-EyE puts his blood sweat and tears into every line, taking to heart the message of #TeamBelieve: to put effort into one’s own success and make your own destiny. Keeping that message in mind J-EyE vowed to reach the masses with or without major label assistance. Putting a new plan into action, J-EyE independently recorded and released his debut album “iBelieve” and most recently released “Long.Distance.Love.Affair” for free to fans on his website and spawned rave reviews for his powerful song and video “Even Angels Cry.” To promote the project, J-EyE took his music and witty on-stage persona to the stage and toured New York City performing in popular venues and various colleges.

Continuing to showcase his talents, J-EyE recently performed at Hot 97’s Monday Night Talent Showcase, earning the grand prize for a stellar performance. The honor came with a cash prize and a Swizz Beatz track for his next project as well as a featured performance on the “5 Boroughs Tour” sponsored by Hot 97. In conjunction with his own music, J-EyE is also lending his versatile song-writing and production abilities to various major label projects at RocNation, Jive, Def Jam and Atlantic Records.

Coming up next for J-EyE is a project entitled “Music, Heartbreak and Humility” and a Docu-Series of the same title giving viewers an up close look at his musical and personal journey. Along with the release of his new single “My Friend.”

J-EyE is a man on a mission, and that mission is to create truly timeless work. Those who listen will learn the exact meaning of talent and strength of mind. “I represent for all the believers and dreamers… I want to inspire to inspire and music is just the start.” #TeamBelieve

For more information on J-EyE, visit Add J-EyE on Facebook at or log on to iTunes for available downloads.

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