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After years of making music and trying to establish himself as a hip hop producer and artist, Nicholai took a step back, re-evaluated himself and his music, and realized something that was missing. One element was not shown through his music… himself. With this revelation, he decided to scratch everything he was doing, and start over. He wanted his music to reflect who he is, and the kind of music that he listens to. He then realized that much of the music he was making was heavily funk influenced, and decided to embrace this concept and make music that he would come to call "hip hop funk." his music however is not bound by the barriers of a sub genre, his music reflects the vast taste in music that he listens to on a daily basis. Born Nicholai Hermosillo in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 23 1982 to a Caucasian mother and a Mexican father. His interest in many forms of music began as a child, which has had a lasting effect on every piece of music he makes. He began playing trumpet in the 6th grade and today often uses it to liven up his tracks. He is constantly trying to make beats in different styles to accommodate any particular musical preference. While making tracks he steadily began to write which later turned to becoming an MC. Performing consistently in local Hip Hop events, he gained some local attention for providing a different performing style, and the use of his trumpet. One such event is called "the Black Book session" hosted by local favorites The chapter, where he was one of twelve honored "alumni all stars" for their anniversary show, and was later called to play trumpet for them as they opened up for such artists as Wu tang, and Ice cube. Now focused on releasing his own music, he welcomes the chance to show the world his brand of music. Nicholai can be described as a music fan, who makes music. A self sufficient independent artist who believes in using the old ways and mixing them with the new. Releasing "digital singles" such as "Hop Opus" and "Funk Hip Hop," with their "Digital B sides" "Take a Stand" and "The Formal Introduction," like in the days he remembers as a child of 12 inch singles, 45s, cas-singles, and maxi singles. Unafraid to venture into different aspects of his craft, and test new ideas he releases music in a way he feels fit. With his upcoming projects he hopes to show the world what he as an artist has to deliver. The aim is to release honest music for honest music lovers. From his conscious songs such as "Make Change," "The Way It Is," and "To Be Misled," to the self reflective "Not Hardcore" and deeply personal "The Ballad of Mi Abuelito," with Nicholai what you see is what you get. With his heavily funk influenced songs such as "Be Alright," "The Chase," and "Funkin' Nerd," you get an artist with a passion for 2 forms of music in which he made into his own. While drawing influences from those that came before him, he tries to not be like anything that came before him, he is just simply an artist making music for himself, that he hopes people will want to hear.

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