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Middle Finger

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Middle Finger
Middle Finger Bio:

Tony Smyth made his debut in Dublin as a support act for Pete
Holidai at the tender age of 16. Under the moniker Tony X he performed his first track "Summertime Vibe" within weeks of penning the summer anthem. Such was the reaction from the crowd studio time was booked the very next week and a further 3 tracks were recorded.

Tony X attended the Ballyfermot Rock School for the next 2 years to further develop a talent that was still in it's infancy. The time was well spent networking and then collaborating with many talented artists over the coming years. Upon leaving the school and entering the big bad world that is music it was decided that a demo and showcase were to be the first port of call. As the demo attracted much hype over the coming weeks it was decided to take the tracks to a wider audience.

Tony X performed all over the country to critical acclaim the pinnancle being the 1st ever artist to be seleted for the prestigious 2fm Song Contest on two occasions finishing 3rd and 2nd consecutively. He was also selected as the 1st ever hip hop artist to take part in the Hotpress Unsigned Hype Competition. Over the years Tony X achieved many firsts. He was the first ever hip hop artist to be featured in Hot Press, The Irish Sun, The Sunday World. His first single " Bounce"was recorded off his own back and recieved play on many prime time radio shows and in nightclubs all over the country, again another first.

Over the years Tony X achieved so much in so little time. What was meant as a hobby snowballed into meetings with labels, producers and management teams with various combinations.... yet the right one to was elude him to date. Like it or not Tony X was a pioneer in Irish Hiop achieving so many firsts for an artist of his kind. Something that can and will never be taken away.

.... from the ashes of Tony X a new artist was born. Middle Finger.

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