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Hartford, Connecticut native Lastat 28, has dreamed of becoming a major artist in the entertainment industry since he was five years old. Having performed in one of New Haven’s famous venues, The Toads Place, the love that he received from his fan base was humbling and he knew he was destined for entertainment! Writing music since age six, recording at sixteen, and performing at twenty-two, Lastat knows that “He’s Got Next” in this business. With his single, “Love to Love You” blazing the airways, it’s just a matter of time before he will be a household name. Lastat started Hartthrob Ent. with a few friends from high school who all shared a dream, vision, and the same passion for success in the music business. But his dream as an artist is what still plays a major part in his being. With internet radio spins, he was able to present his music to a wider scale of listeners, not just the ones that were so close knit with his music already. Lastat knows that staying focus, continuing to make good music, and cater to his fan base is what it will take to get to the next level of success. Song writing and performing are what keeps his motivated to make it happen for his son! Possessing ambition is what will keep the fire sparked on his path to greatness.

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