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Frank Thewes Starts With A Step Frank Thewes’ first full-length solo CD, “Starts With A Stept was released in June of 2004. A labor of love and recorded live in New Hope, Pennsylvania above the New Hope Candle Shop, the11 song “Starts With A Stept is Frank’s first official output. As a balanced and creative work, “Starts With A Stept stands out because of its original flavor. Dylan-esque overtones, a few tunings borrowed from the Nick Drake cannon, mild similarities to Eddie Vedder, Leonard Cohen and Elvis Costello, and a subtle pop sensibility color this record. Subtle pop sensibilities aside, “Starts With A Stept is more of a singer/songwriter record. Mature and interesting evocations of experience and life, told through the various narratives of would-be love songs. “People have heard a few tracks and have said ‘she must have been some girl’. Well, she is. But these songs are about me, as with any writer’s songs. You are the filter, it came through you, and has to be of you. Emotional change of any kind can be a catalyst all kinds of songs. Besides, it’s always good to look under the lyrics for a better view.t We get a better view of Frank Thewes with “Starts With A Stept. It is an interesting and evocative listening, meant to be played from start to finish. It’s strong variety of song styles and moods, tempos and dynamics make it a CD player staple. Frank’s deep, rich and evolving voice and strong but delicate guitar style take listeners on a musical ride, almost 45 minutes long. From the chiming opener “Love is a Compromiset, through songs like “Sugart, “Just Got Backt, “Listen to Reasont and the beautiful, stirring v almost John Mayer flavored “Birthday Songt, “Starts With A Stept is a very real and compelling work of music. “Starts With A Stept is a rare find in today’s mainstream, teen-pop fueled music culture. Enjoy. Frank’s CD was just featured on Acoustic and on NPR’s “All Songs Considered v Open Mict Episode 37. He has also started a relationship with Martin Guitars. Frank’s music is available on Apple I-Tunes and other online retailers. Frank Thewes has appeared at: The Triumph Brewing Company, Princeton, NJ - The Point, Bryn Mawr, PA - Cyber Café West, Binghamton, NY v CB’s Gallery, NYC- The Galway Arms, Seattle, WA- Mount Tabor, Portland, OR v Common Grounds, San Francisco, CA - Martini Lounge, Los Angeles, CA Contact: Frank Thewes 415-596-3508

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