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Mike Lembo

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Mike Lembo
Mike Lembo Bio:

Plain and simple, Mike Lembo is a dedicated musician with his vision focused on his career while he climbs above and beyond other artists his own age. At 23-years-old, East Meadow, Long Island native Lembo has founded the music group Dieverse, consisting of emcees, engineers and producers. Dieverse broadened Lembo’s opportunities and allowed him the chance to open for respected hip hop artists Saigon, Havoc, Mobb Deep, and Bizarre. Lembo’s genius doesn’t start and end at emcee, writer and performer; the man knows his business. After his studies in producing and engineering at the Institute of Audio Research in New York City, he continued to educate himself on the ins-and-outs of production at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

Believing there is a greater future for Hip-Hop than what’s available today, Lembo put his skills to work, focusing on writing and performing as a solo artist. He attributes his style to the influence of Kanye West, Jay Z, Wu Tang, Tribe Called Quest, Eminem and most recently B.O.B. and Drake. Lembo is a mastermind of mixing commercial rap/pop with crisp lyrics on every track. On his underground project Army of Two, Lembo and his near sidekick-status producer Ryan “Jerz” Myers feature the single “The Office,” sampling the hit television show’s memorable piano theme song.

Despite his small town upbringing, Michael Lembo’s endearing personality captures the attention of everyone he comes into contact with. It is his genuine kindness and humor that truly sets him apart from most aspiring artists. Despite his charm, Lembo is no stranger to tribulation. At the age of 10, Mike lost his father to a sudden heart attack. His family struggled, but grew tighter than ever after the tragedy, and Lembo gained an understanding for what it really means to appreciate each day and every person in his life. “My Family is among my greatest support,” says Lembo.

Lembo is currently working on new music as he prepares for the launch of his debut solo CD. “The Bottom line is, no matter what type of Hip-Hop you want to listen to, you will find a track you will have on repeat,” says Lembo. His focus is on single “Life of the Party.” Remixed by Grammy nominated DJ and producer Mike Rizzo, the Funk Generation Mix features young Pop/Hip Hop artist Gia Bella.

As unorthodox as a white kid from the suburbs succeeding in hip hop may seem, Lembo is revolutionizing a genre by destroying the boundaries of stereotype with his limitless talent. Mike Lembo is creating Hip-Hop for the masses. For more information about Mike Lembo, visit or

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