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Music is often seen as an entertainment medium, but it can also serve as a transformative tool that can broaden people's horizons and give the clarity of better self-understanding. GlassAndSteel has decided to take their music in a direction that can foster that sort of musical experience. In the context of innovative instrumentals, with a focus on rhythm and the influences of sounds from across the world community, David Rocha and Chris Webster lay their hearts and minds bare with a flurry of topics ranging from economic politics, to spiritual and psycho-analytical introspection. This combination of unconventional instrumentals, mind-engaging lyrics, and forthright delivery, brings audiences into an enlightened, excited, and united state of mind.
Consisting of Chris Webster and David Rocha, GlassAndSteel formed gradually over a period of 5 years. In 2004, David, a former bass player, vocalist, and theatrical/improvisational performer, decided to focus himself on a medium to express his intellectual stances. Due to his appreciation for a wide array of sounds, he decided to take his musical persuits into the direction of instrumental production and rhythmically-oriented vocal performance. He soon joined efforts in vocal duties with an old friend, Chris Webster. Chris, who was known for spoken word performance, freestyling, and improv, came into the dynamic with a similar love for all music that seemed to make it destiny.
GlassAndSteel are currently working on re-recording their debut album, which they hope to release in mid-2011, while already working on material for a follow-up, due out early next year. With big plans for 2011, they are planning an extensive line-up of shows in the near future and a tour in the coming year. Keep updated here.