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Chawyn Foster, A.K.A. Cadazone, was born on March 18, 1978 in Vallejo, Ca. Cadazone began his love for music at a very young age, growing up listening to mainly funk and r&b. Music became his escape from the hardships of everyday life. At the age of nine, Cadazone began writing original songs. By the age of sixteen, Cadazone began participating in “rap battles”, winning battle of the rappers in high school. He has remained undefeated. This gave Cadazone the desire to take his music to a higher level. By age seventeen, Cadazone was performing with local r&b group, Infinity, as a solo hip hop act, appearing at various venues throughout the bay area. Cadazone hit the streets running after he released his first project, “Asylum Mixtape vol. 1”. Finding inspiration through music, Cadazone began incorporating his lyrics with the funk and r&b music he had grown up listening to, resulting in a style all his own, or as he refers to it, “hood funk”. He has since released three mixtapes, “Hood Funk”, “Hood Funk 2, Funk Injection”, and “Asylum Mixtape Reloaded”. He has also featured on other local artists’ albums, including; Damon Williams “3 Faces of Man”, Reso’s “The Rapper’s Journal”, and Young Cutt’s “Turf Money”. Currently, Cadazone is involved in multiple projects. He has started his own independent record label, M.O.S. entertainment. M.O.S. has recently announced it’s planned release of “Hood Funk3, Funk Overload” , and Cadazone’s highly anticipated debut album, “Welcome to Cadafornia”, compiled of all original music sometime in 2010. For more information on Cadazone, or to book an appearance, please contact M.O.S. entertainment at 707-812-1711

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