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For many young artists today, success often comes as a simple stroke of luck, but in the case of 13-year-old JBYRD, his passion commands the spotlight and his natural, attention grabbing talent keeps the shine focused on him as he spits exactly what the game’s been missing. The words of his new song couldn’t be more exact; he’s a “lyrical, miracle rhyme master.”

Representing the culture capital of hip hop, Atlantan JBYRD (real name Sam Freckmann) is a rhythm-infused lyricist who’s been writing, rhyming and performing original material since the age of 9. Now he boasts a personal endorsement by Beastie Boys’ DJ Hurricane and has always credited Midwest rapper Tech N9ne and Eminem for inspiring his style and ambition.

“His lyrical talent had an effect on me that made me want to write songs,” says JBYRD, who nixes the pad and paper when jotting down his lines. JBYRD punches out his rhymes on trusted technology just like Grammy nominated rapper Drake and his Blackberry. “I never write down my lyrics on paper,” says J, “I write down all my lyrics on my iPod.” JBYRD’s flow and performance features a vigorous rhyme scheme that pays homage to old-school hip hop forgotten by most his age. Byrd does more than inject the current rap scene with a return-to-origin vibe. His flow strikes notable hip hop figures like DJ Hurricane as fame worthy.

“Cane said that as soon as he heard [me] he knew I could put it down,” says JBYRD. Hip hop pioneer DJ Hurricane mentors JBYRD, producing songs on his upcoming album for Don’t Sleep Productions and directing JBYRD’s video “Rhyme Master.” JBYRD’s musical collaborations include son of legendary rapper Notorious B.I.G., Cee Jay and Kid Rock guitarist, Kenny Olsen, who rocked across 3 of JBYRD’s tracks.

JBYRD has recorded many songs including the previously mentioned Cee Jay collaboration “Missed The Bus” and the Hurricane produced the song and directed the new single “Rhyme Master.”

To listen to “Rhyme Master” or for more information about JBYRD log on to Itunes,,,, Twitter/

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The new single by 13 year old rapper, JBYRD    

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JBYRD freestyles over Lupe's "The Show"