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Balboa Bio:

His musical journey began when he was five years old, but for writer and performer Balboa, the road hasn’t always been easy. “I started writing music because I found it as a way to vent and escape from problems going on at home and later on going on in my life.”

Born in North Philadelphia, Balboa as he is known, moved to Willingboro, New Jersey where he lived throughout his teenage years. He says he wasn’t the greatest student, barely graduating from high school, but he tried college -twice- putting himself through the grueling semesters until he decided to abandon his college career for a serious career in music.

Balboa admits to being under 30 and is poised for his ascent up the musical ladder with his CD on Blast Off! Entertainment entitledEverything Up ‘Til Now featuring the new single “Miss Number One” The vision behind the album revolves around two themes: the first, a glimpse of Balboa’s life up until this point, and secondly, the life of a star who is witnessing the downside of fame.

Balboa explains, “I’m doing songs about things in my life up until this point and songs that would suggest being known or a big star has a downside.”

Balboa is not only distinguishing himself in the hip-hop and rap genre but he writes R&B and pop tunes as well. The artist has opened for performers like Freeway, Meek Mill, Gillie, and Young Chris and he’s collaborated with with Akon, Killer Mike, Jody Breeze and Omillio Sparks. He’s performed in well known houses like The Trocadero in Philadelphia, the Atruim in Atlanta and various clubs in New York City. While he’s not been on tour yet, he’s looking to do so as his album rises on the charts.

The father of a young daughter, Balboa’s focus is on making sure that she is well taken care of. “I’m just telling my story and I’m really honest,” he said. “I want to write and perform music that people who have been in similar situations can really relate to. There’s not too many artists that are completely honest in their music.”

Regardless of the fame and the fortune, Balboa, just wants people to listen and enjoy. “If hip hop artists only made 30k a year I’d still want to do this because it’s about more than money,” he said. “My music has a message that I really believe in. I’m not just writing what I think people want to hear.”

Check out Balboa’s new single “Miss Number One” is available on

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