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Strait Up

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Strait Up
Strait Up Bio:

Goodness of God...We all come from music backgrounds, mostly southern roots but have played all kinds of music. We went seperate ways some years ago and reunited.
It was just time to do this project...

Thanks for takin the time to listen!

Strait Up

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This song is a worship tune birthed out of a real desire to do worship with a southern signature... ie Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Dixie Dregs etc. It also has a sort of Third Day feel. These were some of our influences as kids growing up in Macon, GA, home of these bands whom we all knew well. So the honor is to the Lord for using our past as an avenue of expression for our present and future.The song is about 7 minutes long with an instrumental opening which is about the first 2 minutes of the song.


Jim Denney, Guitarist