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Won Heart

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Won Heart
Won Heart Bio:

Bruce and Kay wrote and performed for almost 5 years around the midsouth area of the US. Their music has always been about proclaiming the name of Jesus and reaching people with the love of God through music. Wonheart won several awards with the ICGMA (International Country Gospel Music Association) during the mid to late 1990's. They won some talent shows, have appeared on a number of TV shows and also worked for quite a while with the Cowboys for Christ organization. They got the opportunity to minister at Angola prison in Louisiana a couple of times as well. During their time of ministering, they also recorded two albums. The first is 'Take it to the Cross' on Anjel Records which includes the Title cut 'Take it to the Cross' as well as 'Hold On'. The second album is 'Let's Come Together'.

Wonheart has a new member. Bruce and Kay's youngest son Joshua has been called into the music ministry as well and has joined Wonheart in the mission of going into all the world and preaching the GREAT NEWS to every creature.

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