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Kishez Bio:

Described as “sharp-tongued” and “full of personality”, Kishez also known as Taiisha-Christine emerges as a “hip-pop” recording artist. A Bronx native with culturally diverse parents Kishez’s music represents her life experiences placed over hip hop, pop, rock or RnB beats.

At the moment Kishez is working on her debut street album entitled “Girl Talk”. “It is important to have fun, speak your mind and be comfortable in your sexy but people in our position owe it to the next generation to provide something they can learn from. Whether you wanted to be or not we become role models.” says Kishez. Determined to release a project worth more than just a good toe-tap; “Girl Talk” addresses situations females currently face; relationships, partying, girl power as well as seeing pass the “glitz & glam”. “Girl Talk” will be available on iTunes, Amazon, as well as other music sites and local stores.

Kishez wasn’t always interested in being a recording artist although she had a vast love for music, acting and dancing were her passions. From her early days in public school to joining CityKids Repertoire company in 1998, starring in several roles there has always been a desire for her to entertain. It wasn’t until 2009 after working as a publicist and promoter for independent artists and models that Kishez became interested in recording herself. With the support of her friends and network she decided to share her music and thoughts with the world.
As part of her movement Kishez founded “Pink Presidentes” a group of females from diverse entertainment backgrounds; singers, dancers, models etc. The Pink Ladies provide support, promotion and presence for each other and their affiliations.

Currently Kishez has released a teaser from her upcoming album called “Regular ****”, being played in clubs from New york to Hawaii. Its currently available on Youtube and ReverbNation as well as the official site

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