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The Threds

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The Threds
The Threds Bio:

The Threds consist of: Greg Riley vocals, guitar, percussions. Jeff Broadfoot vocals, piano. Eddie Aldridge lead and rhythm guitar. Ben Andrews vocals, bass. Jason Randolph vocals, drums. And Daniel Stoddard, pedal steel (select shows).
The Threds were established in 2009 and came together originally as a song writing experiment. It didn't take long for the "song writing group" to realize they had tapped into something unique and powerful, and knew as a collective that they had to take a chance to become more than a song writing group.
Each member has previously been involved in other various acts spanning back to the early 90's, and they all bring that experience to the stage as well as the studio.
The debut release entitled "A Frayed Knot!" is due out this Fall/Winter 2010 and the band is lining up all options and opportunities to get their music out to as many people as possible.
The Threds; 5 songwriters, 4 singers, 40 original songs (and counting), and 1 common goal...