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Shannon Reigns

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Shannon Reigns
Shannon Reigns Bio:

"When God gives me words to a song sometimes I'm forced to pull over and write it down"

That's how Shannon described the way she wrote many of the songs on her current CD. Each song on her CD is a reflection of Shannon's own journey and walk with the Lord. Shannon's journey began in high school when she made her first attempts at writing poetry and music. She began performing in school musicals and choir and after graduation attended collage as a music major.

Shannon developed a fan base while performing in local area bands and while competing in numerous singing competitions. With encouragements from her fans Shannon recorded her first CD. This country CD called "A Place In My Heart",was all original music written by Shannon and fellow co-writers. Although the response to the CD was positive Shannon felt there was something lacking in her music. She spent the next year in search of a more defined focus and direction for her music. Shannon felt a nudging from the Lord to begin recording a gospel CD. After recording her first gospel song Shannon felt the pieces falling into place.

Over the next several months Shannon continued to write songs for the CD. As the recording progressed she began to get a clearer picture of the plans God had for her life. "Each song was a word of encouragement and direction for my own life. At the same time God was showing me how I would be changing the lives of others around me."

The response to Shannon's CD has been overwhelming. The CD is a unique and exciting blend of musical styles. From the haunting sounds of "Someday They'll Follow Me", to the reggae beat of, "Jesus,Your All I Need" with some rock-n-roll and bluegrass in between, it's versatility has made it popular to all age groups. Many have compared Shannon's vocals to the soothing sounds of Karen Carpenter and Anne Murray. One fan remarked, "If more churches played music like Shannon Reigns, I'd go to church every sunday!"

Accepted as a new member of the Pacific Gospel Music Association, board members have said, "Shannon is the newest up and coming contemporary christian artist. She has a great CD and an excellent message."

"I finally feel that I have found my destiny in music. The Lord has really shown me my path and purpose. I'm excited for my continued journey and look forward to all He has in store for the future."

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