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Wispers Bio:

Not many people are built to last in the music industry of today.  It is even harder if you are a rapper.  One can't simply rely on skill anymore; you have to be dedicated to the daily grind and able to master writing catchy club anthems without losing one's street image.  Wispers is truly one of a dying breed.  Since starting Code of Silence Entertainment (C.O.S. Ent.) in 2003 Wispers has caught the ear of industry heavyweights such as DJ Sickamore, OG Ron C, Riggs Morales & Jon Gottlieb thru the releases of his singles and mixtapes.  He estimates about 15,000 of his cd’s have hit the streets over the years building his reputation as of the leaders of the new East Coast era.  All this while serving time in federal prison and witnessing the death of his brother in shooting that nearly left Wispers paralized.  Wispers is the man every girl wants and who every rapper wants to be.  For years Wispers has been preparing to tell his story and now the world finally seems to be ready to hear it.

  Born in Boston, Wispers first began writing lyrics in order to share them with his sister who was born with a hearing impairment.  His lyrical ability soon earned him a reputation but Wispers also began earning a bigger name on the streets.  Getting arrested serveral times as a teen Wispers' mother moved him all around Boston and it's surrounding cities to New York and Florida in hopes of saving her son from the streets.  The experience of living in so many different regions gave Wispers the ability write songs that everyone would like.  Wispers helped start Split2nd Entertainment and was fast becoming one of rap's most promising talents but it wasn't paying the bills.  Wispers found himself in prison and once released he was no longer the label's main focus.

  In 2003 Wispers returned to the streets where he ended up selling a gun to a federal informant wearing a wire.  It was at this moment that Wispers would create C.O.S. Entertainment.  Knowing he was going back to prison Wispers enlisted various friends to help run the label in his absence.  Before returning to jail a single titled "Game's On The Line" featuring former Terror Squad member Triple Seis was printed on vinyl and shortly after it's released Wispers was sent back to prison.  The song still garnered major radio airplay and C.O.S. released a mixtape titled "Guilty By Association".  The mixtape was a collection of songs Wispers had recorded for his debut album "Wispers In The Dark", which was never released.

  Finally returning home in early 2005 Wispers released the now classic "Go **** Yourself Vol.1" mixtape.  The mixtape became infamous due to the use of the wiretaps from his court case as segways to the music.  In 2007 Wispers connected C.O.S. with Seawood Records/Risk Music Group to release "Sweet Nothings" via Digiwaxx.  The single featured songstriss Candace Jones and legendary producer Dame Grease on the beat.  Wispers then released "Go F*ck Yourself Vol. 2" and major labels began showing interest.  It was then that Wispers found himself victim to nightclub shooting which sent a bullet clear thru both his legs and his brother dead.

  Most people would quit after so much struggle, but not Wispers.  Within a month Wispers was back performing shows and recording more than ever.  In Summer of 2008 Wispers released "Champagne" and "Power" on Digiwaxx via Seawood Records/Risk Music Group.  The singles marked the beginning of a new phase for Wispers.  A phase marked with an unheard of hunger to make it.

  Since their release Wispers debuted a brand website ( and recorded 60 new songs.  He has chosen the best 15 for his new mixtape “Step Your Game Up” and has begun recording material for his debut album which he has titled “Ain’t No Plan B”.  The title signifies his new approach to the music industry and how failure is not an option.

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