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Moving with the sounds of hardcore rap to commercial hip-hop is Loo Johnz. He is an amazing rap lyricist that has a new sound to offer. Loo's mesmerizing flow is unique,and diverse. Unswerving, would best describe this talented performer. His mission is to be the most heartfelt rapper of all times. With brilliant lyrical styles that consist of fiery metaphors, he will surely capture ones attention.

Loo performed his first rap on one of his mothers songs when he was six years old. At age eleven he joined the rap group Untold. For three years they performed all over the tri-state area in which they were well received. Performing cultivated the young rappers talent and it earned the group the opportunity to become opening acts for Mad Lion, Miss Jones, and AZ. Wendy Williams from Hot 97 Radio show hosted t he event, which was well publicized. The stage, recording studios and tour buses is the life that Loo Johnz loves. I was born to do this, I wouldnt have it any other way.

Today Loo is currently working with his team Top Gunz. Hailing from Staten Island, NY and Jersey City, NJ this team is incredible. Between their diverse lyrical approaches to the hip-hop r&b they are indisputably one of the best new teams to hit the underground market. Grier & Associates Entertainment is currently distributing their mixed CD, and as a result of its distribution, the CD has been well received. They have established a fan base in Atlanta, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia. Together they have established a signature sound that is already causing other rap artist to take notice.

Their music is complementary with todays hip-hop trends. Loo is constantly working in clubs such as the Elbow Room, and Open Mics to keep his talent perfected. Realizing his undying love for the industry has helped him to define his path. He is looking forward to becoming one of the most sought after artist of all times. With astounding lyrics and an incredible team

LOO JOHNZ is just a step away from triumph.

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