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A rarity among female rappers, Finess Da Boss didn’t enter into the industry showing all her cards. 
Born Alicia Watson, in Hampton, Virginia Finess grew up in a military family, and has traveled the globe. Taking the bitter with the sweet of this life style, Finess credits her out- of- the- box intuition to her experience as a military brat.  “Being that I went to three different schools, one being in London, I have a different perspective on things.  Nothing is limited to being done one way,” she admits.
Accepted to Austin Peay State University on a basketball scholarship, Finess utilized what she learned in her Broadcast Media classes and started writing and recording theme songs for the Lady Govs of APSU.  Gaining popularity equally on the microphone and on the court, her time was beginning to stretch in three different directions; staying on top of her book work, keeping her head in the game and honing in on her new love… making music. 
On university grounds, Finess was in high demand and was booked to perform for most campus events.  Word of mouth carried her name to the streets of Nashville, where an up and coming artist caught wind of her talent.  He invited her to feature on his mixtape and the feedback left listeners asking who she was and where she could be found.  Feeling musically charged; Finess wasted no time packaging her first project, releasing The Secrets Out in 2005. 
The fame of The Secrets Out might have given her street presence, but it left her weighing her options.  She could nurture her career as a rapper and take the industry head on, but she knew that would affect her on the court and her goal of graduating.  Finess stepped back from recording music, but continued to scribble her lyrics as she focused on her major and basketball. 
After graduation in 2007, Finess moved to Nashville to fully pursue her career.  She started appearing on local mixtapes and began surrounding herself with music peers, namely those who could direct her in the industry.  A strategic thinker, she asks questions and follows the steps of her self- proclaimed mentor, Jay Z.  “Record labels weren’t saying what he wanted to hear so he made his own label, he is self made.  I started my own label as well, C- Love Entertainment.  I’m not in this for the fame or the fortune; but while I am doing this, I don’t want to have to have a nine to five,” explains Finess.
Recognized as a new breed of talent out of Nashville, Finess Da Boss is currently riding the wave of fame from her Fate Eastwood produced hit, “iHUSTLE,” while preparing to release new music in 2010.  She just released her first mixtape, Intro 2 Da Boss, has opened up for Plies, has been invited to perform for local fraternity chapters, just wrapped up a seven city tour and has been nominated for three Southern Entertainment Awards for 2008.  She also continues to build her resume in her field of Broadcasting by hosting parties throughout Tennessee.
A commander for the crowd, out of all her success, nothing moves her more than to see others recite to her, the words she penned for them to hear, “We write because we just want people to listen. I know how I felt when I saw Jay Z.  When people are feeling that way for me, it makes me want to hustle that much harder.” – Finess Da Boss

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