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Somethin New! Oregon based rapper Mr. Gallagher emerges Releasing his album 'Life Takes Hold' in Februrary, artist Mr. Gallagher takes aim for fame in the Hip Hop Scene. Oregon based rapper Mr. Gallagher is releasing his album 'Life Takes Hold' in February, and he is gunning for success in the Hip Hop game. With a raspy voice and raw emotion placed into his lyrics, Mr. Gallagher distinguishes himself from most rappers with his expression and personal stories. His subject matter isn't the only thing making the rapper a change to the Hip Hop game, for Oregon's list of known musical prospects is limited. Given Mr. Gallagher's success, he could potentially put Roseburg on the map alongside more famous places. With the rapper's direction so far, Oregon may be headed into the eyes of fame. Mr. Gallagher is a rapper influenced by DMX, who's eccentric raspy voice and musical aggression have made him an epoch to the rap community. DZK is another influence, who has large following of fans. Gallager's instrumental influences lie with the keyboard, and even span as far as his Mackie mixer which he uses to put together beats. Gallagher writes his own lyrics as most rappers do or claim to, however he is still unsigned. With a style that has even gotten his influence DMX platinum albums, Gallagher's approach to rap alone has the potential to gain him fame. Other people have recognized Gallagher's rapping abilities. The rapper's earned six auddy awards from Uplaya. He's also been featured as #1 on Soundclick with his successful record 'These Streets'. Featured on 101's Diamonds in the Rough, Mr. Gallagher's heightened success even got him placed within the Roseburg Beacon. Are We Listening did an interview on Gallagher's work, and bolstered his 'unique voice and delivery' among the many compliments listed. He was praised for his subject matter as well as his meaningful message, and even garnered a comparison to Hip Hop icon Eminem. Gallagher's difference from other rappers in Hip Hop is, however, later acknowledged by We Are Listening when they proclaim his flow as his own. With all of these successes in mind, one must note they aren't out of nowhere. The seasoned Mr. Gallagher has a few performances under his belt. From local gigs to gigs at military bases, Mr Gallagher's repertoire of performances show many share the sentiments of We Are Listening. The rapper's future plans are to be heard, as he wants to establish himself more with his storytelling and unique sound. His album, Life Takes Hold, is soon to be released as it's geared toward some time next month in February. More about Mr Gallagher can be found on his Myspace page, which is Another notable webpage is FATCRACKERPRODUCTIONS.COM and more about Gallagher as an artist lies on his Soundclick page which is Life Takes Hold is coming in February.

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