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Digital Crusader

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Digital Crusader
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Tyrel Johnson is a 17 year old producer and DJ from Phoenix, Arizona.
At the age of 16, around May 2009, he got started using a software called Magix Music Maker but he didnt learn anything about music production and mainly messed around with the program. In July, he came across a program called FL Studio. He began watching tutorial videos on how to use the software and how to make hip-hop beats. That didn't last long as he began producing techno/dance tracks a few weeks later.

At the beginning of August is when he started producing trance, after hearing the song Addicted by Signum on a podcast from Armin Van Buuren's A State of Trance. Till this day he has been producing original tracks and making remixes. Recently he has been messing around with MixMeister Fusion and creating mixes. He wants to get into DJing sometime soon.

The main reason for his very quick succes with the Trance genre is due to a few artists on youtube that helped him learn about the type of music he was getting into. Those people are: KevWillow7, Solwinds, AZPX, and Electrodia.

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My latest and greatest track. Hope you like it! Check out my YouTube for much more songs, I cannot upload anymore here :(