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about us
big k-keith turner. 16/home town virginia/in to music was in high scool band for 2 years attended redan high/currently living in decatur/the music in money,fame,music.

j-haze-joshua cheatham. 16/home town decatur/in to money and what ever money has to do wit anything and music/the money in money,fame,music./attended redan high for 2 years and now attends mlk high/currently living in lithonia.

right now we tryin to get in the studio so if u kno where we can go or u kno some body with a studio hit me up


well as as far as my life time goals go is gettin signed by young money they the best and i cant see my self gettin sign by anyone else and well go thru any thing i need to get to my dream and i dont care bout dem hater man yall can say im not gon get signed but ima keep tryin cuz they the fuckin best just like that hmm. yea i can see my self now. it just a matter of time.

shouts out

2.moms girl nia

4.the whole young money

5.soulja boy


7.roscoe dash money

hit us up
j-haze-678 677 2219

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