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Kal Gully

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Kal Gully
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I began rapping in 2007. I started off in a group called F.T. or Family Thang. It consists of 6 members including myself, Fiyah, Hussein, Cockey Guns, Toya, Murda’Ry. So far we’ve released one independent album titled The Coalition Volume 1. That album was released locally throughout the Midwest and Chicago area in 2007. I fell in love with creating music right away. In 2008, I began recording for my debut Mixtape “Gully As Ever”. A 24-track soundtrack of my life. The most popular tracks are “Blowin’ Big”, a rendition of Rocko’s “Umma Do Me” and “Stronger” Feat. Cockey Guns. I should’ve made the mixtape a album but I just wanted to gain a fanbase and see how far it would go. I got positive feedback and I gained a street buzz throughout the Midwest. The mixtape is available for free download on my myspace page( Due to the anticipation for a follow-up, I returned in 2009 with another mixtape titled “Strength In Numbers”, the sophomore soundtrack to my life. Some of the most popular tracks off that album are “The Way I Feel” and “Freeway”. The Way I Feel has been featured on a number of mixtapes for example; Coast 2 Coast Mixtape DJ Fern’s “It Is What It Is”. Now that I have 3 projects under my belt, I feel im ready for my album. I am an unsigned artist who is hungry to succeed in the music industry, independently or major. Contact me for booking info. Visit for more music.