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The Black Abstract

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The Black Abstract
The Black Abstract Bio:

The Black Abstract a.k.a. "THE FLYEST IN THA LO" a.k.a. "THE CONCEPT "KING a.k.a "THE GOVERNOR" hails from the gritty streets of Upstate's Buffalo, New York. Born the oldest in a single parent home, The Abstract had to learn the hard way about lifes dealings, forced to drop out of school at age 17. Abstract took too the streets for comfort as well as working various jobs to help his mom pay the bills. Rapping since the age of 13 "The Abstract" always found music as a outlet to express his feelings. It wasnt until recently that The Abstract started to get serious about the music and devised a plan to take over the Local rap scene...Gritty Dark beats mixed with lyrical concepts and enough confidence to make any beat blush, THE BLACK ABSTRACT is provin to be a force to recon with. With his NON-GRADUATES ENTERTAINMENT and knack for making catchy hooks, it seems that only time will tell...

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