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Yung Fresh Da P.A. Balla

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Yung Fresh Da P.A. Balla
Yung Fresh Da P.A. Balla Bio:

Destined to soon make his own mark in the world of music, Yung Fresh has come a long way from the ugliness of Prichard Alabama. A soul survivor of P.A., Fresh was born Deangelo Hughes in the heart of a crime infested hood of North Mobile where killing, drug dealing, thuggin and dope fiends were an every day site. Not in the same place long enough to plant root; Fresh was on a constint moving in fourteen different home in 17 years; as far as 4 home in 4 years. My mom and dad, dam near my whole family was on drugs or selling dope, and I was a witness to all of it. I use to see my moms smoke crack but it was so normal around me i just didn't think about it ," Fresh recalls his upbringing. " I was the pride and joy and my grandmother. You couldn't tell her nothing about me I was her heart and she was mines. She die when i was 9 or 10 i can remember the funeral I cried after she was put in the ground thats when I realist she was gone. Although emerged in ghetto living, Fresh refused to let his environment take him under."Fresh stated that," Where I am from getting money is a way of life, killing is a way of life, hustling was a way of life and if you ain't doing that theres no reason for you to be out here". This enduring dream chaser sought music as a way out. First beginning to write lyrics at the age of 13, Fresh had a click of talented rapper to learn from in the neighborhood rapper like B-Shaw and J-5, By His tenth grade year of high school fresh was top dog. Doing Showing for mobile local radio station 93blx and Coke Cola for the Summer Jams for the teen ever summer. Fresh Has Open Up For Such Artist As Young Jeezy, Juvenile, Gorilla Zoe, Yung L.A., Mr.Magic, Webbie and Foxx (of Trill Fam),TQ, and Papa Duck, Dem-Franchise Boyz and have perform for such Artist as of Lil Scrappy of the BME Click and for Producer Such As Frank Nitty. Yung Fresh also was a finalist for the Roys Jones Jr. Body Head Talent Search for the Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama areas. During Fresh High School Years He Released two Mixtape and two albums The It Is Wat It Is the Series and the Album and The album Da Next-N-Line selling countless number of CD's In a one-man campaign to get his music to the masses, Fresh would service his neighborhood traps with homemade CD's of his music. Fresh Then ran into Local Producer DJ Head One of Lights Off Records and with his help Fresh had started to understand music on a pro level and how to make music enstead of songs. Fresh Buzz build why he was in high school, going by the rapper name Rabbit( a nickname giving to him by his late grandmother). His fame grown in the local neighborhoods of Mobile After high School Fresh packed a bag of cloths, 30 dollar, and 30 CD and left for the hottest music seen in the south (ATLANTA,GA) Without Money, Food are really No One and just a mouth Fresh Flourist. Running into anonymous Celeb like Lil Scrappy and the BME Click, DJ Farenhiet of the world Famous Super Friends and Vic XL of ColliPark Music. Fresh crowning Achievement was when he found hisself on the Red Carpet at the first annual BET HIP HOP AWARDS in 06."This was when i realise that music was something i really want to do," Fresh said to his Partnas. In the presents of rap royalty like DIDDY, JAY-Z, JD, Kid Capri, Ludacris, T.I., Young Jeezy, and many more. During the Summer of 07 Fresh ran into Super Producer Shonta out of Baton Rauge and the hook up together and have single dropping soon in the streets. Fresh, a year and a half removed from his last reless, Fresh drop a complication in the streets of Prichard that sweeping the Street and caught notice of Fame Dj and radio personality Nick@Nite. Fresh is now in the studio Working on if Debut Album. After Moderate Success In The Mobile and Gulf Coast Area... 2008-09 Yung Fresh hooked Up With Deangelo Parker and Big World Entertainment along With 301 Entertainment and Release His Latest Album Still Independent Which was only Release On the Gulf Coast Area. Future Work Soon To Be Release From Yung Fresh under 301 Ent/Big World.

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