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Simian Child

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Simian Child
Simian Child Bio:

Attention all hip-hop lovers and truth seekers! What is it that you crave? Is it banging beats with catchy punch lines and witty choruses? Or do you prefer something melon, that’s thought provoking, but caters to the mood of your appetite? Whatever your preferences are or the condition of your senses at any given moment, Simian Child definitely has what you’ve been waiting for. This Emcee/producer is out to make history in his attempt to redefine hip-hop, as we currently know it.
Simian was born and raised in Brooklyn within the Crown Heights section. With the help of his mother, from an early age Simian was trained in different genres of the art of music. At the age of nine, he was seen live at Carnige Hall, where he performed before a full theater. Unfortunately, into his teenage years, Da Child of da Wind suffered the lost of his mother. Using this circumstance as fuel for his journey to success, Simian began to walk the road that awoke his inner man, who sharpened his ability to emcee. From street freestyle session, to rockin at underground studios, to the release of his first album with his group, Last Kall, Simian has been on a mission to show the world what true emceeing is all about. He has dedicated his life and his hip-hop career to being the mouthpiece that spits the voice of truth and reason.
From New York to Pensacola Florida, Da Child of da Wind is known to mesmerize audiences with his signature style of hip-hop. His ability to captivate attention at venues has opened up doors for Simian to share the same stage with Salt from the old school hip-hop duo Salt ‘n’ Pepper, Ed Lover and Woody Rock- member of the multi platinum R&B group Dru Hill. In the summer of 2002, Simian was part of a B.E.T sponsored line up for a major hip-hop event called Oasis in the Park in Long Island New York. In addition to his many accomplishments, as an unsigned leader Simians music has been featured on 107..5 wbls in NY during the Wendy Williams show.
This prolific hip-hop psalmist is bound to destroy the monotony in the rap game that has the industry in a deep slumber. Let’s make no mistake about it! Simian, aka Da Child of da Wind is not your average emcee. He definitely imbibes the character of one of hip- hop’s newfound pioneers- a leader in what Simian would call “Pro-life-music”. As he has stated in his own words “I’m not here to take up space. I’m only here to make space between me and those…”

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This is just real life music for real life people!