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Shooters Tour

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Shooters Tour
Shooters Tour Bio:

Supa (Dave) and NiMo (Nick) share strikingly similar backgrounds. Both spent every available moment as kids shooting hoops on hot asphalt playgrounds (Supa in North Carolina and Nimo in Alief, a district of southwest Houston). Both played high school varsity sports and college basketball. Both loved hip-hop, yet loved all musical genres.

When they met at a Texas college, basketball and music quickly cemented their friendship.

“Both of us grew up as fans of the same athletes,” NiMo remembers. “And both of us enjoyed music artists with superb creative lyrical content. Sure, it was the beat and the music that always grabbed attention, just like the flash on the basketball court, but it was that something special that you couldn’t define that made things memorable. That’s probably one of the first things I saw about Supa that formed our common desire to not only do our best on the basketball court, but also to make music someday.”

“As far as music,” Supa recalls, “both of us were upset with the decline of hip-hop and rap that we saw happening all over. As we got to know each other better and began putting music together, each of us had dreams of being in the music biz, but for different reasons. NiMo mainly liked being a beat man. I liked that, too, but really enjoyed the writing process. Today, I think we’ve influenced each other a lot, and we both like it all—the writing, the beats, the recording process, and performing. It’s definitely been a learning process!”

A decade after they first met, each has continued to build impressive individual careers, yet the dream to make a difference with their music only exploded when they decided to get back together to collaborate.

“We started out doing solo projects,” NiMo says, “I started out as a battle rapper, and won some freestyle contests at local clubs in Houston. But when we started comparing concepts and sounds, it was so natural to finally blend everything together. In our case, the sum is definitely greater than the parts. The synergy of combining our strengths truly works much better together.”

“Being best friends as well as musicians with shared goals has made all the difference in the world,” Supa summarizes. “We’ve been persistent. We’re both still very competitive, so we’ve been able to grow together through the years. We’ve literally pushed each other to get better and more razor-edged. We’re excited for the next step!”

Shooters Tour, named originally because of their shared basketball background and powerful drive to exceed expectations in the music industry, seems like the perfect title for this emerging group.

Rap and hip-hop fans are looking for a new sound, a new beat, a new voice. With this first album—all songs co-written by NiMo and Supa—it looks like Shooters Tour is ready to issue a Wake Up Call!

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