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lilnaron Bio:

A Nepalese Artist Naron,he was born in Nepal,also known as lil Naron and uniQue boy.At the age of 5 he became interested in Hip-hop/RnB/Pop music,In childhood his dream was to become a Famous Singer,he started singing when he was 7 years old,but that time he can`t sing well,,,but his friends says[when he sing his vocal is not so good but when he rap his vocal is better than singing]so he started doing freestyle by listening Eminem music but as he say he can`t do such awesome freestyle like Eminem,so it was hard time to him,so he started taking Drugs and he became a Drug addctional,so almost all the peoples in his city knew that he is a Drug addctional,he also supply Drugs,It was a hard time to him to face with many problems so all his teachers,friends of his school also knew that he supply Drugs,so they began to hate him,,and his family also knew that he became Drug additional so his family worried about him and when he was 7 years old his family moved to Nagoya,Japan for him to get out from his Getto life.

When he entered Japan it was also hard time for him because he is Neplease he don`t speak Japanese,so his family entered him to Obu nishi junior high school by going school he lend how to speak Japanese,That time he realize all his mistakes what he has done and he apologize to his family.

When he was 8 he Saw Akon on tv and he became interested in Akon(konvict muzik),when he listen to Akon`s voice he became more interested to him,he began to search about Akon(konvict muzik) but he knew that Akon speaks English but Naron doesn`t speak English,,so when he tells to other that I will become a popular singer like Akon Everybody laugh at him,they said[Akon is a great famous singer,he is awesome but you can`t sing at all because your vocal is not so good,you don`t speak English too,how can you do that?] so he started learning English,but as he say to learn English is so difficult for him because that time he was in japan he also must learn more japanese but he struggled hard to success in his life.

At the age of 11 he began to speak English but as he say,I don`t speak English well,,and he started listening Akon,Eminem and other artist`s music and he knew more about Akon(konvict muzik),he practice day by day By listening to Akon,,and he decide to be a popular singer,but it is not so easy to be but he is struggling hard to success in his life and to make proud his Family,,,4 more info please visit
we will give you more information about Naron,when he drop out his 1st music/videos