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Luciano of Pound4Pound Records

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Luciano of Pound4Pound Records
Luciano of Pound4Pound Records Bio:

Pound4Pound Records is comprised of a ONE TRUE member. Luciano says “I feel ultra blessed to have the talent and strength to do this music thing? cause though its not a easy venture, Smooth Rapper/Singer/Producer Luciano can't recall where he got the "Luciano" moniker but his name sure does fit his persona, A close friend once stated that he got the "Luciano" name after the famous mobster "Lucky Luciano" cause everything that he touched turned into just worked. He was just born into this world to do this music thing Stated an “friend of Luciano's". Its like an art that very few are born with. But this man has what it takes to make it in this industry. Born in the Denver, CO to a Latin mother and an Latin father who both Back him to the fullest, Luciano had some Family influences who exposed him to all sorts of music and showed him what the meaning of "MUSIC" was all about. Being part of the area's underground rap scene, Luciano joined groups like Storm and Pure Devocion. Then in 2002, Luciano started POUND4POUND RECORDS.... A surprise visit came in 2003 from friend/rapper Baby Bash and it was an eye opener. Luciano was overcome with bash's determination that he had to make it and even more impressed that he that bash was willing to help and make a few tracks with him. Meeting and working with Baby Bash was a big moment for Luciano. After the collaboration his popularity grew exponentially. And as far as the P4P goes. Lets just say its all in house. Luciano is the one that makes label come alive with some of the tightest beats, Graphics as well as Producing and Engineering his own music. Pound4Pound Records/Luciano is ready to take the music industry by storm, as he graces and challenges music with his writing & vocal talents. Be ready for a show from Luciano as he expresses creativity thru his music and song. The P4P persona is distinguished by youthful energy with in-depth lyrics that are gonna touch the soul. My FAMILY and TRUE friends are my strength, music is my talent and music is my life. I don't rep crip. I don't rep blood. I rep for my city and for my people. I've been in the game for awhile now. I know i have the skills and will to make it and believe when i say I WILL..... I AM the definition of a hustler. Not because I move weight but because I make moves. Hustlers never die. Wiser and stronger in mind, body and spirit, LUCIANO as i speak for myself am marking the beginning of a new movement. My movement. I am a leader. I'm a boss. Most importantly, IM MYSELF......... LUCIANO P4P 2009

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