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Big Rome

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Big Rome
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Press Release
Big Rome

March 22, 2009

W.K. Jerome Higgs is his birth name. He was born in a small town in Missouri. The entertainment industry knows him as Big Rome. He moved with his mom to Arkansas back in 1985 where life got in the way of dreaming for better things. Getting involved in street politics landed him in the Department of Corrections for 3 years.

Upon his release, he found a new purpose and a new focus. He started a new movement with his mentor, Prince T. Rodgers. Their vision was to teach kids to stay out of street gangs and to learn how to love themselves. Big Rome joined a community masonic organization known as Spring Grove Masonic Lodge #305 in his community.

This wasn’t the end of his story……

You see, Big Rome was introduced to music around that same time. He fell for the idea of creating his own sound, his own style that would give his listeners insight on how his life had been in the past, to where he is today.

Artists try to imitate Big Rome’s sound which is the highest form of praise you can get. But that’s not a simple task.

There is much more to this man than we can hear on the surface. Big Rome has many talents. He is an amazing writer and rapper, being able to put his life story into a swag and a funk that your body automatically moves to. Some of his songs have the injection of chorus and great, great singers which keeps Big Rome above all others when it comes to having his own style. It is a joy to listen to! And that’s not all - he is also an accomplished writer of poetry, winning 2003 and 2004 Poet Of The Year award by a well known poet society. He has also received honorable mention in that same society in the 2005. And he’s just started to tap into his talent. He is destined for greatness!

His album, “Hater Proof” is a promotional album that was released to test the waters, it was released on March 20, 2009 and is now available on amazon and itunes. The single off that album, Short Skirt, definitely reflected a laid back feel -as he calls it, “gangsta funk”. He is now coming out with his first official album "Big Rome Unleashed" during the summer. This album is unique, which reflects his past. "This album is to give those who listen an insight of my struggles and give them a vision of where i'm trying to go with my music" Big Rome Said.

“I am a registered member of BMI where I am entitled to a royalty fee when any radio, television, film, internet radio, etc…, plays any of my music.” Big Rome is not only talented but very smart.

Make sure you tune into “The Travis Show” on 365 Internet Radio to hear some tracks from this new album. From Tuesday through Thursday from 2-6pm (PCT). It is broadcasted live

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