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Strate Crooked

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Strate Crooked
Strate Crooked Bio:

Strate originality define the lyrics, Crooked beats with live instruments compose this Revolutionary Hip Hop proposal. Born in 1997 Los Angeles, California, transformed in the mystic rebellious City of Guatemala, land of the Mayans, Strate Crooked has set its niche in the lyrical, social political, hip hop game. “Any revolutionary starved Hip-hop fan that misses out on a chance to discover the raw talents of Strate Crooked becomes a grave injustice to the freedom fighters across the globe”.

Strate Crooked invites you to overcome the struggle. Currently working on the Freedom Cost Blood Vol4 Guerra Psicológica album, which has taken 2 years of research and development, 9 producers from around the globe, such as Empne from Greece, Vector and Illamental Los Angeles, Ca., Beatz Belize, DCO, Gary Avendaño, Droop, and many live appearances from Gian Paolo Perini (Primmo) on the Guitar, Lenin Fernandez on the drums (Alux Nahual), Julio Micheo on the Trumpets and other great musicians to be mentioned. Recorded in the world famous Iximche Studios, where International stars like Ricardo Arjona have started their careers. The album is recorded in Analog, with digital post production, Strate Crooked’s tactics and professionalism; give you the sound you deserve. The album will be followed by the debut Green Hitz Division collection, Strate Crooked lets loose with this compilation of lyrical, off the wall, new school, versatile original compositions, touching base with real hip hop heads around the world. There’s talk of the old school Pledge of a Rider album dedicated to the G’s in the struggle. Strate Crooked is one of the few real hip hop catz still out in the streets, survivors of many assassination attempts, share those experiences and learn about Strate Crooked’s challenges and strife. Strate Crooked will be making appearances this year in La Habana, Cuba, Caracas, Venezuela, Bogota, Colombia, Los Angeles, C.A., and Guatemala, C.A. You will have the opportunity to get know Strate Crooked by visiting one of their many websites and buying the tracks online. There will be an array of videos posted online as well.

The band is composed by T-Li aka “El Martir” Guatemalan born, raised in the SGV, Los Angeles, Ca. T brings his own style with confidence, philosophy and hardcore lyrics with a special touch, that only experience can bring. Yung 1 Lee, Chi towns lost son, Bred in the SGV, Los Angeles Ca. comes correct with flow and social political theory manifested in his lyrics. Elegal Guatemala’s lost soldier, Oakland, Ca. native, Somoship hop radio’s founder provides us revolutionary material that will make Che Guevara proud. Strate Crooked in it for the long run, backed by the UnOrthodox Productions record label, owns its own historic Iximche Studios, they have their own personal Director TYNE, strategic alliances with Spinhouse Agency, and they have developed a mega infrastructure to take it all the way. Their team is well organized, well trained, and well versed in the business aspect of the entertainment industry. Definitely you will feel the pressure of this historic never before seen hip hop ensemble.

Make sure to check out the most slept on album of 2005 Strate Crooked’s debut album Freedom Cost Blood. Are you willing to pay? Vol. 5”Great sound mixed with great lyrics. Makes you think. Perfect balance between sound, lyrics, and style. Good energy, very passionate."

T.V. Producer and Radio Announcer Gabriela Orozco

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