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Edgar- O

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Edgar- O
Edgar- O Bio:

Edgar- O's Biography

Rap musician and artist Edgar- O has released 2 mixtapes which gave him
some exposure to the public specially after releasing his 2nd mixtape
"Im Taking Ova" late October of 08, with his debut hit "The things I do" gaining alot of
attention mostly in states like California, Miami, New York, Texas and Chicago.
His debut album-mixtape, Im Taking Ova, went selling over 100copies from
all around "Im happy that being an independent artist I sold as many copies
as I did" Edgar- O explains, "this is what made me go ahead and write my 3rd
mixtape All for you, and I know people will defenetly love it, is more
mature and has more great hits, i want people to move on from "The things I do"

Some of the tracks on the mixtape "Im taking ova" emphasize independent artist strength,
according to Edgar- O his mixtape is fun silly and very entertaining "I think ppl with an
open mind will defenetly listen 2 it and may-b one day buy my album, I say is very worth it"
"All my mixtapes have something DIFFERENT" I see alot of other independent rappers with NO
talent PERIOD like Scotty Rojas, just bunch of garbage" He explains "some always talk about
killing someone or drugs sex and thats all they talk about and it is VERYYYY BORING let me
tell you" {Laughts} "It's just about me, going from one extreme to the next."

The success of Edgar- O's Mixtapes led to continue writting more music and owning his own
record label "Nightmare Crew Entertainment" to help others that dont know nothing about
making a mixtape promoting it and or even producing it. "I want to build something out
of nothing, and yes i really do think is possible as long as u set your mind to it"

To catch more about Edgar- O's music please visit the official myspace at or email us at