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I would have to say it all started back in 5th grade, i meet this guy named denario chairs, who is the one that first got me listening to rap, i started as i got older to listen to more an more hip-hop, an before i new it i was writting rhymes, but it all started wit poetry i kinda moved into a rap thing as i began to get better, so i put out some music on a cassette tape an i was like wow, an ever since ive been doing this an ive been rappin for 5 years now an by no means has it been an easy task, i have been put down so many times for my music ive lost friends an for what ill tell you they cant accept me for me lol, how lame jeeeze well anywayz music to me is more like another language a passion something that if you arnt personally committed to then its not right for you as a career, i love music its everything with out music there wouldnt be much inspiration, i mean if you look at it you can get alot outta 1 or 50 songs, its takes a strong person to get on stage an perform it needs to be something you love doing you have to be confindent, in everything you an especailly if your looking for a chance in the studio or even an artist collab, sometimes things dont happen as quick as you would like but todays industry an it being how it is, they make it hard to get a deal, but its worth the work. "one must accept him self before accepting the value of others"

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Mastered Feb 17, 2009