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Cloth And Canvas

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Cloth And Canvas
Cloth And Canvas Bio:

Cloth and Canvas was originally formed in May 2008. Initially it started out as a ,"Let's see what happens", kind of musical collaboration. As songs began to surface organically, so too did the reality of the collective take on a life of it's own.

Cloth and Canvas started out with a keyboard player/vocalist, drummer, and a bass player but from there connected with an MC/lyricist, and then finally a horn Player.

Their first public performance occurred on May 30, 2008 at an open Mic event that Cyncha-D's Company had organized at her store, Cloth and Canvas. It's at one of these events that, as they were to be introduced, the name "The Cloth and Canvas House Band" spoken through the mic. Since the idea of needing a band name had never even crossed their minds, the introduction was a spur of the moment decision that never went away. Once they got a taste for live performances they never looked back.

The idea behind what they were striving for was to collaborate with as many artistic minds as possible to reach a creative nirvana through all forms of expression. With that said, Cloth and Canvas is still evolving...

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It iz wut it iz, homie. Check it...    

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We are all made up of experiences that have shaped us whether they be good or bad...