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Young Gene

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Young Gene
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Jevaughn(Young Gene)Bailey born on June 24 1995, lived and grew up in Toronto, Ontario. Lives with his mother, father, 2 brother, and 1 sister. Goes to the school Brookview Middle School, located in Toronto, had a few friends, but not a popular kid. He had interest in being a doctor, and a basketball player, but nothing had his mind attended to, but rapping. He was inspired by a Television show called" Run's House". One episode he was watching Run's son making a rap song, he was very interested in it ever since. He has mad songs, but they're not really popular, but his hit track is "Crank It Brookview", dedicated to his home school. He is keeping his dreams up to be the next best rapper alive, next to Lil' Wayne. He is still working on his album "Take It In", but he isn't going to publish it until he gets at least two gigs(performances). Young Gene is top ten at "New Artist" on

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This song is dedicated to all my family & friends that have lost there lives for all the stupid reasons you can possibly think of.