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Kyeyote Bio:

His voice is depicted as a dark, gray, cloudy day in the month of April:
Kyeyote considers himself to be "fortunate" witnessing the struggles and the complexions of the haves living amongst the have-nots. Kye saw his mother work 3 jobs to provide a good life for him and his siblings. Using his mother's determination and will, mixed with some street influences Kyeyote developed into a hustler. After a short stint in the Cook County Department of Corrections, Kyeyote said "There has to be a better way!" Kyeyote utilized his God given talents and put them to use. "I appreciate my position in life, and value the lessons taught by life and my mother. I still have that hustle in me, that won't change, but attempt to transfer that hustle into rhyme."

For Hip-Hop mentors he reveled in Run-DMC, MC Rell and the House Rockers, KRS-1, Big Daddy Kane, Master Ace, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince and The Beastie Boys. Starting off as a DJ, Yote submerged himself in the culture, the lyrics, and the soul of Hip-Hop. After several years, Kyeyote left DJ-ing to pursue his first love, emceeing fulltime.

His voice has been depicted as a dark and gray day in April, developed with a laid back approach, and delivered with his passion for lyrical content and consciousness. He appeals to hip-hop in a time when the hip-hop community is tired of the flood of meaningless rappers with limited content and concepts, and nothing more than a catchy hook.

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Nominated as the Power 92.3FM Song Of The Year
Recorded @ United Techniques Studio (Chicago,IL.)
#4 of the College Radio New Artist Top 40
Performed @ Chicago R&B Soul Awards
D.J. Lil' Jon Mix Tape
D.J. Sean Mac Mix Tape
D.J. Dolla' Bill Mix Tape

"I Never... feat. D'Rose" » Hip Hop 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Written and recorded in 1 day.
Recorded @ United Techniques Studio (Chicago)
WGCI 107.5FM Chicago #1 New Song 2009