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About EckSyle

To whom it may concern,

My father raised me and my brother by himself, give or take some years that he had help from his different wives. While me and my bro were coming up, my pops never let us know anything about our real mother or the fact that we had an older sister. Actually we had to find this out through our Grams, and she spilled the WHOLE can of beans. She told us exactly where to find our mother and sister so needless to say, when I was 14, I ran away from my fathers middle class lifestyle in Ohio and moved to South Western Pennsylvania (A small city right outside of Pittsburgh called Mt. Washington)with my sister; Ironically, My sisters husband Nate also known as "Glock Nine" owned his own recording studio. This is where the magic began.

Prior to moving in with my sister, I always had a thing for music. I would make beats on the tables at school, beat-bop whole compositions on my walk to school, and freestyle in front of the mirror with the door closed hoping that one day I would have an opportunity to make real music. Well, the opportunity came and man did I take it by the horns. In a matter of weeks I knew how to work everything in Nates' Studio better than he did. Within a month of me living there I was already producing instrumentals, recording songs, and mixing and mastering.

The Birth Of My First Label

When Nate Realized how much of a true prodigy I was, he was determined to go into business with me. We decided on creating a label called Deeply Dug Records LLC. In a time period of about four years we successfully finished his album and a small group called "The Kampain"s album. We were doing it big at nightclubs (which at the time, I was only allowed in because I was a performer), parties and community events. This caused good and bad attention to be focused on us. Our first real problem would become our last as a company. Haters in my city were still viewing me as an outsider and hated the fact that I was "shining" more than they were
before I showed up. What they decided to do is jump me with about six goons and violate my girl (which I am still with to this day) while I was in the hospital. When Nate got wind of the whole ordeal, he went and threatened them all with his pistol and that started a war. It got so out of hand that My sister and Nate moved out of state to Texas, leaving me behind with all the problems he helped me create.

After they moved to TX, I didnt know what to do. This is who I was living with at the time, so I had to figure out something fast. I called my girl up and she said that I could move in with her and her parents for a while. During this period I was working nine to fives, helping with her two kids and writing lyrics.

Between then and now, me and my girl got our own place, got married and had two more kids. I dabbled with a Valley Boy records and an Oxboy Ent.I found another guy Named Chris, which ironically is my name too (and his birthday is a day before mine), that has his own studio and label called "Chocolate Entertainment". I've been working with him for a while now.

Basically I just want a way to show the world what I'm really about. Ive been trying to for the last nine years, but I've realized that with my family situation, I just can't do it by myself.

My stage name is The Real Ecksyle and I am 23 years old. I have been producing music and engineering audio since 1999. I was the executive producer of Deeply Dug Records LLC for 3 years, I was the executive producer of Valley Boy Records out of Braddock PA for two years and right now I am the executive producer of Chocolate Entertainment out of Mckeesport PA. I have also done production work for Oxboy Entertainment and the PGH Boyz. I recorded, edited and mastered the PGH Boyz' "Easy to Die" music video, and my own two videos, "So What I Am" and "Leave". As of right now I am constructing my "Soda and Chips Vol 1. " album, but being that I have four children that I'm raising, it is kind of hard to finish my project. Outside of myself, my children and wife are my main motivation and my biggest fans. None of what I do would be possible without them.

Genres: Alternative Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Rap/Gangsta Rap, R & B / Soul, Club/Dance, Pop
Christopher Harris A.K.A The Real Ecksyle
Setup Requirements:
A Venue, A Mic, A Stage, Audience and DJ.
My Pad: Pennsylvania
:) :( :o ;) ;) ;)

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Sexploitation is always wrong...

*I have gotten the required permission for the use of this sample.

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This song is to all the women that have their men fed up...    

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Yeah, I see why you envy Ecks.    

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Do You Want me to be Famous?...

...They Do.