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J-Mill Bio:

The Real J-Mill. Books, websites, rap – the man is a Certified Hustler. By compiling his knowledge of rap into a book to teach others, and creating a website to cater to niche markets, J-Mill has taken the initial steps into making him hip-hop’s next impresario. Music-wise? J-Mill is the best you’ve never heard…until now.

Every successful businessman realizes the importance of diversity. Russell Simmons had clothes, music, and Def Poetry. Master P had ‘hood movies and Nickelodeon shows. By doing something fresh, exciting, and new (writing How 2 Rap), J-Mill has created a lane that is entirely his own – one that will make him the next hip-hop impresario. Not the next Master P or the next Dame Dash – it’ll make him the first J-Mill.

J-Mill aka Jamaal Makin It Livin Large has been rapping as long as he can remember. "I’ve always felt a connection to the world through music," the seasoned rapper reflects. But it wasn't until a short time later that J-Mill realized that his connection was stronger than he’d thought. What started out as writing rhymes at home in his room, turned into picking up the microphone and ripping crowds at local talent shows and the like. Anywhere J-Mill could be heard, he made his stage and after graduating high school, so began his descent on the music industry.

With his record label starting, his book doing well, nationally and internationally, A new EP on Itunes, Rhapsody, Emusic and other online locations, and a huge accomplishment of having one of his songs featured on the next installment of Midnight Club LA distributed by Rockstar Games Inc, the time has come for J-Mill to take his place amongst the top talent in The Hip-Hop industry today. And this time around, J-Mill’s game is tight, his head is straight and the flow is vicious.

With a new EP, Certified Hu$tle Starring J-Mill, independently released and a grind done all by himself J-Mill has a humility unlike any other. “When you do everything by yourself it makes you appreciate the little things that much more, like all the positive feedback and love you receive for your hard work”.

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