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Gorilla Bio:

Stephan Meier Willfort Aguero a.k.a. Gorilla is the first member. He is the producer as well as songwriter/lyricist in the group. He was born on July 10th, 1986 in Bulach, Switzerland to a Swiss father and a Peruvian mother. He then moved every 2-3 years to countries such as the United States (New Jersey), Canada (Ottawa), Mexico (Mexico City), Japan (Kobe), and he is currently studying hotel management in Switzerland. Being involved in performances from a young age and inspired by music since he was approximately 6 years old, he is building his up his dream in order to share it with the world one day. He started rapping for entertainment in the year of 2003, and soon realized that music was more than just a hobby, but a passion of life.

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Upcoming Japanese Rapper/Producer Rihito from Tokyo joins up with Swiss Peruvian Rapper Gorilla to drop a classic hip hop track! On a beautiful DJ Premier Beat!