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So you found me yeh!This is the official site of Dee Gifted One,West London's finest.Man's been spitting since the early Nineties when it was all about Jungle, and as the times and music changed,so did my writing,hence i made the transition to Garage and now spitting bars on Hip-Hop tracks.I,ve performed at various locations in and around London City alongside Union Reps(the family)and currently i am working on my Album,Salvation Is Yonder,which will be hitting stores soon,so LOOK oUT!The majority of production on the album is courtesy of Pioneer Muzic,but there will also be production on there from myself and a few other producers.Feel free to check out the muzic and leave any comments.I feel say i,ve said all that is neccessary,so now ima let the Muzic speak for itself,Dee.

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