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Producer – Composer – Musician – Singer/Songwriter - Graphic Designer - Lyricist - Engineer

Licensed & Published – BMI Records, ASCAP

Dyeverse was born Nate Colgain out of San Diego but raised in Las Vegas. He has been making music since early childhood. He started playing drums at the age of 5 and eventually progressed into 12 different instruments, specializing in funk, and hip hop, but has the ability to make many styles. He did alot of work with some local and national artists in the hip hop field. From Spice 1, Corporate thugs, Sur V, Steve Vinick from sony, Big Face Ent., Sunshinz, Godz Child, J Biggz, J Dubbs, and many others. DyeVerse immediatley fell in love with hip hop from the age of 12, he has been spitting ever since. He started a band called Influenza around 97' playing the guitar.....slowly but surley, he progressed into simply wanting to be behind the curtains and produce and compose for anyone who had moldable talent. In 2003 DyeVerse and Vokal formed a hip hop group with Godzchild and called themselves Sin City's Infamous, taking the local scene by storm, developing a huge fan base, and beating 23 rock bands for the battle of the bands at a local club. From there they got a local record company to offer a deal with distribution. But things went south and they split up, so Dyeverse & Vokal continue to create music for anybody who deserves to be heard. For DyeVerse, hip hop/rap(which rap actually stands for Rythim and Poetry) was about unity through music, not how its divided into East and West, Hip Hop and Rap, Gangsta and Conscious, and Hater or Not.DyeVerse will do what he can to put a little unity back to the music. DyeVerse has extreme love for all types of music and portrays it in every note, bar, mix, and master, and loves to be tucked away in a studio doing what he does best!! His experience in the studio is unsurpassed for a talent who has never had any formal schooling.

*anything involving percussion*

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